Funkturm-Strata (Redux) artwork


Make it Funkturm – now available on Bandcamp

2 May , 2017  

We’ve been adding releases from some of our artists to our Bandcamp page. As well as adding the Funkturm soundtrack from Alta Punt Abrir, we have now also added the D.O.R-released CDs Urban Mantras and Strata.

‘Pay-what-what-you-want’ downloads
A number of tracks from each release are available as a ‘pay-what-what-you-want’ download. The full release available as a beautifully packaged CD for £10 + delivery.  Check out Bandcamp for further information. We’ll be adding more soon, from Funkturm and other artists.


About Personal Soundtracks

Personal Soundtracks is a new audio-visual art label selecting and producing a new limited-edition sound-based artwork each month. These artworks will range from artist's books to specially-packaged music releases and everything in between. Label curator Richard Gallon is known for his bookart - including Kerosene, his collaboration with Adrian Giddings, which is now part of the Tate’s permanent collection - and his experimental electronica as Funkturm. The label brings an experimental, underground aesthetic to disposable pop culture ephemera, elevating each release to art object status.