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Funkturm – Live in London 02-04 now available on Bandcamp

7 Nov , 2018  

Funkturm - Live in London 02-04 cover artwork

Live in London 02-04 by Funkturm


Funkturm + Friends mixtape – PST003

23 Apr , 2017  

Funkturm + Friends mixtape artwork preview image

Our third release, Volumes One and Two of the Funkturm + Friends mixtape, is now available as a limited edition cassette. Volume One is recorded on sleek black cassettes, and Volume Two on shiny white. Both cassettes feature 60 minute sets of broken ambient electronica from Funkturm, their various collaborators and D.O.R label-mates. These include […]


Soundspaces Book – PST002

19 Jun , 2015  

Soundspaces limited-edition artist book

Soundspaces is a limited-edition bookwork visualising sounds in shapes and words, presented in a cassette box. Made from laser-cut cardboard with tracing paper inserts. The outer design is based on drawings made of sounds recorded in a building. This is combined with inner pages of text originally photocopied and screen-printed. Available in an edition of […]


Alta Punt Abrir – PST001

1 May , 2015  

PST001 - Alta Punt Abrir DVD package - poster insert

Alta Punt Abrir is our first release. A DVD and poster documenting Funkturm‘s live improvised soundtrack to accompany Martin Picton’s short film, Alta Punt Abrir is part of Picton’s Nothing Happened Today series. Both the film and many of the sounds used to construct the music were recorded in Barcelona, in 2005, during a visit […]