PST001 - Alta Punt Abrir DVD package - poster insert


Alta Punt Abrir – PST001

1 May , 2015  

Alta Punt Abrir is our first release.

A DVD and poster documenting Funkturm‘s live improvised soundtrack to accompany Martin Picton’s short film, Alta Punt Abrir is part of Picton’s Nothing Happened Today series.

Both the film and many of the sounds used to construct the music were recorded in Barcelona, in 2005, during a visit to the Sonar music festival, where Funkturm played a daytime DJ set.

The footage was shot from the balcony of an apartment on Carrer de Sant Pere Més Alt. The action consists of a static camera shot taken over several hours.

The 20 minute performance documented on the DVD took place at The Fleapit, East London in February 2009. It was part of the regular Immersion experimental electronics night.

The package includes the film footage accompanied by the live soundtrack and an additional film of the live performance, all presented in a handmade hardcover with screen-printed double-sided A2 poster and insert.

The full DVD package is available in a numbered edition of 26. The soundtrack is also available as a download on Bandcamp, and streamed via Mixcloud & Soundcloud. Alta Punt Abrir is made available in association with D.O.R.

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